Womens Conference 
2 Lac womens Participate
At Chandwad
चांदवड महिला परिषद
२ लक्ष महिलांची उपस्थिती
Any interference in the work-ethics, freedom of exchange and competition can only be harmful.
Government can solve no problem, in fact, Government is THE problem.
----------------- शासन समस्या क्या सुलझाये; शासन यही समस्या है!
- V.P.Singh
- Sharad Joshi
- Chandrashekhar
- Atal Vihari Vajpapee
- Ajit Singh
* * *
At Nagpur On 12 December
Indian Science Congress AGROVISION Symposium on THE GENESIS : CRUSADE FOR EXCELLENCE New Delhi 05-01-2001

Shetkari                           Shetkari